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Monday, September 07, 2009

Weekend Update

A nice long weekend it was, indeed. :)

On Friday I was off so I hung out at home... played some Mario Kart, did some farming on Farm Town and managed to get laundry 'n stuff done at the same time. It was just a nice chill day, and I got to drop off and pick up Madison from school (bonus).

Saturday Madison and I just continued the hang-out vibe and played some games after we played at the park and ran some errands. She was scheduled to have swim class, but they canceled for the holiday weekend - forgetting, however, to let some parents know. There were a few of us waiting for them to open. Oh well, thankfully it's not far from home.

Yesterday my Dad came over to hang out for a few hours... we BBQ'd and played some games. Madison whooped our butts at Memory.

This morning Madison and I went on a hike. This time I wanted something different from Mt. Charleston, and I'd come across a hike at Corn Creek that I didn't know was there before. Turns out there's a National Wildlife Range out there - there's a trail around a creek that flows through the area. Let me give you a view:

This is near the beginning of the trail.... there's a lot of green at this little desert oasis:

The best part of the hike was getting to see an owl hanging out in a tree. The lady from the visitor center pointed him out to us, and said they believe it is the same owl that visited last year. Apparently this range is a popular waterhole for migrating birds, year-round. He's very close to the center of the photo, you can see his eyes:

This would be Corn Creek, I assume... the creek itself was pretty impressive (water appears in the strangest places 'round these parts). We got to see some rabbits, dragonflies, frogs, and we got to see a roadrunner as well!

There were also some beautiful flowers:

I've lived in Las Vegas for over 27 years and had no idea this was here... and under 20 miles from where I call home! The hike itself wasn't long, in fact we did the trail twice and circled around some areas of interest, but it's definitely a great find in the middle of the desert. For other photos visit my Flickr page.

How was your weekend, Internet?


BeckEye said...

Ah, the long weekend was so nice, wasn't it? Now it's back to the grind. :(

JoeinVegas said...

More walks - I'm going to have to try some of these

Vegas Princess said...

We did Corn Creek in May and I loved it! A wonderful oasis in the middle of the desert. ONly bad part? The excruciating drive down the gravel road to get there.