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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Update

I had a weekend full of friends and good times!

Friday night Madison and I went to dinner with some of my dearest friends that I hadn't seen in a a long time...Kim and May, their kids. Someone missing from the group was May's sister Anne, but her daughter Natasha was in town and joined us - so while Anne was terribly missed, she was still sorta there, because Natasha has grown to be sooooo much like her Mom. I've known Natasha since she was about 4, but she's now 24 - she's all grown up and I feel old. We all met at Macayo's to get our Mexican food on and catch up. May just found out she's cancer free after battling breast cancer, so we had reason to celebrate too!

Saturday night Amy and I headed out for Town Square at the far south end of the Las Vegas Strip - I'd been there for lunch once but hadn't really spent much time out there, and had never been there at night. I'd heard the nightlife there is a good experience and there's a movie theater - so we decided to have dinner at one of Amy's favorite restaurants there and hit a movie. The Yardhouse, where we ate, has a HUGE selection of beer, and as the name suggests, yard beers are a speciality. We decided on some ciders and ordered, when I got a text from my friend Julie, she was there and was going to join us! I was sure she wasn't going to make it, so her arrival was an awesome surprise. The food, the beer, and the company were awesome... and after dinner we headed over to see the movie "The Time Traveler's Wife". The movie was mmmmm, pretty good. I am not sure why, but I never got sucked into this movie, although the story was certainly interesting. When the movie was over we walked around to some of the shops there (open til 10pm, yay), and observed some of the nightlife. Here's a look at the area where we had dinner:

Sunday was a total chill day - we couldn't do much outdoors, it was so hot and the air quality was horrendous due to the southern California fire. Madison and I had a picnic in the living room, baked cookies and played games. Good times!

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Christina said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me!

We went to the beach and then went to see "Final Destination 3-D". It was also..."okay". Same plot as the other Final Dest. movies, but a little bloodier and in 3-D, which was pretty cool.

Vegas Princess said...

I absolutely LOVE Town Square. One of my favorite places to just window shop. And The Yardhouse has the best creme brulee EVER!

P.S. I finally posted on my blog. :)