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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 Going On 15

Now that Madison is the big number 5, she's had some changes at preschool - she's moved into a new classroom. This is the we're-starting-kindergarten-and-we're-way-cooler-than-you room. Or that's how she and her other recently 5-year-old friends feel about it. All the other kids? Babies now. The activities she did when she was 4? She's just WAY too old for that stuff. That's including the phonics class she takes twice per week (that we also pay an extra $100 per month for). I had to have a talk with her about that this evening, as she told the teacher she's not 4 anymore, and doesn't want to do it, it's "baby stuff". She is associating the phonics class with the pre-kindergarten room, and I see why, as the music class she took when in the 3-year-old classroom ended when she moved up. The phonics class, however, has been an incredible experience for her, and has done so much for her preparation to read. So I'm hoping she understood, cause I really want her to do it through the summer.

There are two really awesome things about this new classroom, and my favorite is that she doesn't take naps anymore. YAY! We really struggled with the naps after she turned 3, as she didn't want to go to bed at a decent hour. We tried working with the teachers to either not let her nap or to just let her have a catnap (no more than half an hour), but it never seemed to work out that way. Bedtime was a battle most nights during the week - but no more! She gets to bed on time and is out in no more than 15 minutes. I am still working on the right bedtime, because during the week she gets up early, and I think she could probably use a teensy bit more sleep at night.

The second bonus is that now that she's 5, she can take field trips. Here in NV it's illegal for the kids to have field trips any younger. So she's got a summer program full of activities, and a field trip every single week through August. This week they kicked the summer off with a small trip - a picnic at a nearby park. Next week it's the movies. There are museum trips, special shows, etc. How cool is that!?

Being 5 rocks, that's what Maddy says!
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Christina said...

Cool for Maddy! I hope you can talk her into continuing the phonics class - it's definitely important.

JoeinVegas said...

5! 5! 5!

Fred said...

Five. Wow - congrats to Maddy.

I remember vividly the struggle we had with naps, too. We actually changed their pre-school because they refused to alter their napping policy.

Vegas Princess said...

I always loved field trips. THey were such fun and a treat that took you out of regular school.