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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend Update

It was seriously just Friday, wasn't it? This weekend is all kind of a big blur behind me.

Saturday I got some hang time with Dad, he was getting a new deck installed in his truck (he's gonna be rockin' to some Sirius radio now). Best Buy really didn't do well with the whole purchase/install, so it took WAY longer than expected, and although the new stereo looks great, it was quite the endeavor to get it in. Kinda surprised me, I've always had good luck with their installs... But whatever, we got to hang for the better part of the day, and in the end, that was awesome. I picked up the new Chickenfoot album while we were out... Sammy Hagar, I'd missed you!

I had some errands to run, a t-ball game and a walk before I relaxed last night, and I watched Smokin' Aces. Why hadn't I heard of this movie before? There is some serious star power in this movie: Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia and Jason Bateman, to name a few! Anyway, it was pretty violent, has a lot of "Vegas" themes to it, and an ending you will NOT expect. I seriously loved this movie!

This morning Madison and my nieces Breana and Taya had some portraits done - and my sister Toni came over early to do Madison's hair. (I have all this hair on my own head and do absolutely nothing to it - I'm very much a hair-tard.) Madison had her first hot roller experience (I do actually own hot rollers? LOL), and Madison was very unsure about it:

But once she saw the finished product, she was sold. Here's one of my favorites from today:

After portraits Maddy and I did some shopping, and we headed to the movies to see Up. I've heard it's not what you expect, and they're right - for once, the previews didn't show all the best parts. We really enjoyed it! I was warned I might cry, and surprisingly, I only teared up twice. LOL

How was your weekend, Internet?

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Vegas Princess said...

I LOVE Smokin' Aces! Such a fabulous movie. Very different and exciting. :)

That picture is adorable, how sweet!

JoeinVegas said...

A hair-tard. Nice phrase.

jiggins said...

I liked "Smokin' Aces" , but I thought that Jeremy Piven did the best part.. some of it was slow..and still entertaining "Up".. it really looks like fun!

My weekend was kind of a blur too. It happens.. at least we were having fun!

Christina said...

I am also a "hair-tard" - doing my hair consists of pulling it up into a ponytail!

Nik said...

Hanging w/ dad time is the coolest. Those days are my favorites. All the crap install stuff aside, glad you and your dad had a good time. Chickenfoot, I've said all I can say about these guys. I heart them, ALOT!

The picture of the girls is too cute. What gorgeous little girls! I'm a complete hair-tard too.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

The things us chicks have to do to look good....Actually she looks great all the time and so grown up!! Holy crap! Where does the time go? I think she was in diapers when I started reading your blog!

I HATE dealing with my hair and that's why I wore it long forever but now its cut and I wear it: in a ponytail! To avoid dealing with it.

I like Chickenfoot too!!

Fred said...

I could have sworn I commented on this post. Getting old sucks.