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Friday, May 15, 2009

Disneyland 2009. Day Two

Today was a little more mellow, and that's a good thing, because the parks got a lot more crowded. It seems like after lunch about 500 buses full of people just walked in... We stayed at California Adventure until about 2pm then made our way back to Disneyland to catch a few more rides. Madison did way better having had a good night's sleep... but we still weren't able to talk her into doing the Tower of Terror (and we were hoping, cause that's one amazing ride). By 7pm we headed back to the room and she is currently snoring behind me, I doubt she was conscious as she hit the pillow.

Tomorrow we have passes to the park and will probably head in to hit a ride or two, have some breakfast, grab the souvenirs, and head home. We've really seen all we wanted to, but we're in no big hurry to get home early tomorrow. Of course, the alarm clock isn't set tomorrow, either - YAY!

We'd purchased the Disney dining option with our hotel package - they give you a buttload of coupons to use to pay for your meals. I thought it was a good idea because you're pretty much prepaying for meals, and I got a good price on it (I paid less than the coupons are worth, but I can't remember the exact percentage in savings). While they made it easy and I really spent nothing out of pocket for the last two days in food... you're limited somewhat by them, as you can only use them in the park and there are a couple of coupons for character breakfasts and breakfast in the park. I'll end up giving away some, as we aren't able to use them as designed, so I don't know that I'd do this again. Maybe I'll be smart next time and pack more food - cause WOW are prices insane for meals here. It's just so convenient, ya know? I'm all about ease on vacations...

I'll leave ya with a couple of pictures. The first has Maddy hammin' it up for me at Toon Town, and the second is from breakfast with Goofy and friends at Goofy's Kitchen. Of course, you know there's more at Flickr!

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Vegas Princess said...

LOVE the Goofy picture! She looks like she is having a blast!

I wish I could talk my hubby into going to Disneyland. But I think we'll have to wait until we have kids to experience it. He doesn't seem to think it is okay for adults to go there without kids.

(hee, hee, my word verification is "flabless")