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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disneyland 2009 Day One

Today was some serious power walking! We got to the park at 8:00 a.m. and left at 8:00 p.m., and did pretty much everything except Toon Town today (and we rode several things 3+ times). The key was going during the week, while school in California is still in. We got A LOT in today. I wasn't sure how it was going to go today - we left the stroller at home, I feel Madison is really too big for a stroller, but little kids get tired, ya know? We'd had very little sleep last night, so she started a little meltdown around 4pm, but nothing a little 20 minute catnap didn't fix. She was quite a trooper and we didn't carry her around at all. Tomorrow we're heading for Disney's sister theme park, California Adventure, after some breakfast with Goofy and friends.

I was Tweeting the whole day's events - are you following me on Twitter? You can catch our Disneyland events here.

Of course you can find more pictures over at Flickr - but here's a couple:

Here's Madison and I waiting for Disneyland to open this morning:

Here's Maddy with Tinkerbell at Pixie Hollow:

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Christina said...

Sounds like you're having a great time. Keep it up!

Nik said...

Awww, she looks so cute in her crown/tiara. It looks like y'all are having so much fun. Here's hoping ya got some rest in and can't wait to see where today takes ya.

JoeinVegas said...

I think I'd rather have breakfast with Goofy than the princesses, at least if it was in a park.

Vegas Princess said...

Wow, Tink is TINY!