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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Saturday was pretty quiet, it was too windy to do much outside, so we hung out at home... but we did make it to Fuddrucker's for dinner. Have you eaten there? It's just a burger joint, but it's a pretty amazing burger joint. Of course, I had a salad... but it was awesome!

Today Madison was off to spend time with the in-laws, she's actually staying overnight for a visit, so what to do with all this free time? I'll tell you! I took a really long bike ride, I painted my toenails, got more than 100 pages read in Twilight: Eclipse, and watched Run Fat Boy, Run. Right now I'm watching the TV Land Awards. I don't watch award shows, so why would I be doing this? Neil Patrick Harris is hosting! He's so entertaining, that I'm watching... Besides, they're giving the hero award to Tom Selleck. Heh! I think the cool thing about this award show is that it's actually relevant to me, it's about TV when I used to actually watch TV.
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Vegas Princess said...

I wanted to watch that...totally forgot it was on. :( I wonder if they will play it again.

How are you liking Eclipse so far?

LoraLoo said...

VP: Eclipse - I am loving this book... I started it on Thursday, I think? I'm on page 402. LOL Guess that shows how much I'm enjoying it. :) Can't wait to see how they put this on film!

JoeinVegas said...

Hmmm, a kid free weekend. I thought that wouldn't happen until she hit 16

Christina said...

Mmmmmm, I loove Fuddruckers!!!

Fred said...

We used to love Fuddrucker's...but they closed down here a long time ago.

Gotta love Doogie.

Nik said...

How the heck could you defile a burger joint by eating a salad? lol I've never been to Fuddrucker's, don't have those kind places 'round here anymore. Sounds like you had a pretty sweet, quiet weekend. What color'd ya paint your toenails?