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Friday, March 20, 2009

What's On My iPod

Depeche Mode - "It's No Good" - By far my absolute favorite Depeche Mode song (and that's not an easy decision!). I heard today that they're touring and stopping in Vegas. Hells yeah I'd go see this show, without a doubt. This is a TV performance video, and the first minute is an introduction in what I believe is French. But the payoff is worth it, trust me. I love translations - periodically on the bottom of the screen you'll see "Depeche Mode - It's So Good".

Jason Mraz - "No Stopping Us" - I cannot stop listening to Jason Mraz lately... keeps me light and airy. This is such a beautiful song, and I dare you to try to sit still while listening.

Jamie Foxx - "Just Like Me" - This video cracks me up, Jamie is just as entertaining as a singer.

The Dream - "Rockin' That Thang" - This is just a fun little sexy song...

Hinder - "Use Me" - This, my friends, is what rock 'n roll is all about. The video has a real 80's metal band video feel. Guys, trust me, you'll like this one. :)


Randy said...

I love Depeche mode, they are top shelf. I can't even hear Jamie Foxx....for some reason I just want to punch that dude in the face...Good list this time around though, you taste in music kicks ass!

LoraLoo said...

Randy: Seriously... such violence against Jamie Foxx, LOL. Your taste in music kicks ass too!