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Friday, February 27, 2009

What's On My iPod

Theory of a Deadman - "Bad Girlfriend" - Go get this song right now, burn it, and listen to it in the car... really, really loud. This is THAT kind of song! Nice video, too...

Jon Secada - "Just Another Day" - Add this one to your love playlist... you know, that one. You can thank me later.

SWV - "Right Here" - Remember this girl band? They were pretty damn good back in the day. Hearing this song takes me right back to the mid-90's.

Madonna - "Justify My Love" - I'm not sure this is my favorite Madonna video, but the song... this song kicks ass. Very sensual. When you're done adding Jon Secada, don't forget this one either.

George Michael - "Cowboys and Angels" - One of the most beautiful songs in my library... have you heard it?

Guess I kinda shocked you at the start of the list, then mellowed out significantly... I was just making sure I had your attention. "Bad Girlfriend" is definitely the flavor of the week for me, too. :)


Linda S. Socha said...

This makes me want ant IPOD...like now

jiggins said...

Jon Secada and SWV really bring me back to high school.. earlier today I was walking down Las Vegas blvd and heard "Just Another Day" by Jon Secada and had to just sing along.. I love that song.. and "Angel".. also by him.

I remember the SWV/Michael Jackson mix of "Right Here" from one of the Free Willy movies! lol.. fun song nonetheless.