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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's On My iPod

I kinda skipped out on this post last night, I was traumatized by Chuck E. Cheese!

Annie Lennox - "No More I Love You's" - I remember hearing this song for the first time while visiting my friend in Idaho back in the mid 90's, I came home and bought this CD immediately. This is such a powerful song!

Van Halen - "Summer Nights" - I remember when this album (5150) was released back in 1986, and listening to it over and over and over. I saw them for the second time on this tour... Sammy Hagar is still #1 to me.

U2 - "Walk On" - I don't know why, but when I'm looking for something good to listen to, U2 isn't one I go looking for. But when I hear them, I remember why I buy their albums...

Skid Row - "I Remember You" - One of the best hair metal ballads from back in the day! Sebastian has aged well too, I have to say... he still looks very much like he did in this video (but I dunno, maybe he should finally get a haircut).

Ice Cube - "You Can Do It" - This video shows scenes from one of Ice Cube's movies, I think of the Friday flicks... I really thought this song was on one of the Rush Hour soundtracks, but it's actually on the Save the Last Dance soundtrack. I am apparently confused. LOL


LORENZO said...

Annie Lennox, cool song. Went to a Sting concert one summer and she opened for him. When I heard she was going to be there, I was thinking of the corny Eurythmics video and dreaded it. She worked so hard that night and performed a super strong set. I may have enjoyed her more than Sting and he's one of my alltime favorites. I went out and bought 3 of her CDs the following week. Walking on Broken Glass is one of the best for me.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I love U2 and was really excited that they were releasing a new album this year. However... I'm a little disappointed by their new single. It's not that it is bad, but it just doesn't feel really NEW to me. But I will be buying it all the same!