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Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Things

I was tagged several times for this and I'm late getting to it, but it wasn't easy coming up with 25 things many wouldn't already know about me! I am not tagging anyone, cause I figure you've all been tagged already... but if you haven't, feel free to consider yourself tagged and post on it!

1. I bought into this whole idea of suburban sprawl, but I love (and miss) living in the middle of the city.

2. If I'm pissed or very nervous, I can't sit still. Specifically, my foot will tap rapidly.

3. I'm the last person to ask a question that you don't really want the answer to. I almost can't help it, the words sometimes just come out before my brain actually registers them.

4. I can crack my neck very loudly ever since I was rear-ended when I was a teenager. It totally freaks some people out - it's really, really loud.

5. I have this thing for socks, in fact I have two dresser drawers full of them.

6. I don't want to sell our house - and it's not that I don't want another house, it's because I can't stand moving.

7. I have a cat, but I'm totally a dog person. Dallas, my cat, is definitely my sweet baboo, but I don't think I'll have anymore cats.

8. I had two ideal jobs when I was a little girl: an astronomer or a journalist.

9. I dislike the color and the flavor orange.

10. I spent most of my adult life needing to have the TV on when I fell asleep, but in the last year I started needing total silence.

11. I love to travel, but I prefer short trips vs. long trips. I start to miss my bed after a few days!

12. People see me as so financially responsible - I never pay bills late, and I do invest, but I'm terrible with my money! I have the hardest time saving money...and I love the geek toys too much.

13. My first car was a 1970 Mustang, and I crashed it my junior year in high school. My government teacher (Mills) dubbed me "Crash", and it stuck for the rest of the year.

14. I can be so structured, I will schedule time to create a schedule.

15. I have broken each of my arms at least twice, and both of my collar bones (not at the same time).

16. My 6th grade teacher looked exactly like Tom Selleck. All the Mommies wanted teacher conferences, LOL.

17. Every time I see an ambulance with its lights on, I say a little wish that whoever is waiting for that ambulance will be okay.

18. I regret giving up the violin in high school.

19. My favorite flower is the tulip.

20. I have no desire to go camping unless it involves an RV, cabin, etc. I did a lot of camping in tents as a kid, I figure I've done my time sleeping on rocks.

21. I love anything butterscotch.

22. I was sooooo crushing on Scott Baio when I was a young girl. I traded him in for Simon LeBon of Duran Duran sometime in 1982.

23. I find horror movies very stressful to watch... so I avoid them.

24. I can drive a stick shift and prefer it. My next vehicle will not be an automatic!

25. I am terrible in meetings, I have horrible attention span issues unless the meeting directly involves me.

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