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Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's the End of the World as We Know It

So at lunch yesterday we got into a conversation about the end of the world. It happens so often, we end up talking about some of the strangest topics and have no idea how exactly we got there. When you think about it, there are so many ways most of the human race (if not all) could be eliminated in a matter of seconds. Some end of the world scenarios we discussed were:

1. Disease. Do you know how many people don't wash their hands in public restrooms?
2. Those super volcanoes, calderas - there's one under Yellowstone National park, and if it were to erupt, it could take out all of North America and disturb the atmosphere tremendously. We're talking ash falling in London from that event.
3. An asteroid could come hurdling toward Earth at any moment. Don't grab the valuables, cause they won't matter in space.
4. A gamma ray pulse. Ever heard of one of those? I hadn't until yesterday.
5. Being sucked into a black hole. No really, it's not all that crazy an idea.
6. A supernova. Do you have any idea how much energy these give off when they explode?
7. We could just be livestock for aliens... they could just show up and harvest, you know.
8. The pole shift. That would probably be a slow, painful death.
9. Solar flares. We could just seriously piss off the sun one day - and all it would take would be one smack.
10. Something could cause the magnetic core of the Earth to stop spinning. Another probable slow, painful end.
11. What if we lost (or destroyed) the atmosphere?
12. Our galaxy could always collide with neighboring galaxy Andromeda.

I wonder if it will be instant... or gradual. What if the universe is collapsing on itself, this very moment?

In the end, we'll probably beat Mother Earth to the punch and just blow each other up.
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JoeinVegas said...

Wow, thanks for the positive thoughts for the day. (having a hard time at work or something?)

LoraLoo said...

Joe: LOL, nooooo... all is well at work. It's just an example of the crazy things we talk about around the lunch table. :)

Nik said...

Nice dark,sinister conversation! lol The scenarios y'all came up with are all damn viable ones too. Which one was chosen as "most likely"? Our own destruction has my vote.

LoraLoo said...

Nik... you know I don't recall that we came up with a most-likely vote as a group? But I'm with you on the self-destruction.

Christina said...

My vote goes with self destruction.

Vegas Princess said...

I watched a show about this last month on Discovery and I seriously freaked myself out. Because apparently there is an asteroid hurtling toward Earth and it will be here in 2052. I plan on still being around then so I am pissed I am going to die by asteroid when I made it to 80!