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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enough About Me, How Are You?

Have you ever had one of those weeks that was just crazy... not a bad week, per se, but you just felt a little overwhelmed, and/or in a funk? I think I'm gonna need a day at the spa pretty soon. :)

So instead of me whining or forcing an attempt at an interesting post - tell me how your day was, Internet?

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jiggins said...

Well, I'll tell ya - today was one of my 'split' days off. However, I went i to cover someone's shift. It ended up being a great night and I am glad I went in.

Last week I was in a funk like you described. But I had a chat with myself, re-did my budget - sorted out some things internally - and I moved on. I still feel weird these days.. not sure what is up - but the funk has moved on for now.

It does happen. I could use a day at the spa myself! You should check out the one at Caesar's! It will bring you right back to life! That place rocks :)

JoeinVegas said...

Having a great time. Problems with the software package we purchased, so that involved over three hours on line with support, until I turned it all off and went home. Nice sunny weather, warming up, so looking forward to a quiet weekend (no Superbowl fan here).
Thanks for asking.

Nik said...

The whole in a funk/blah/whatev/crap mood seems to be going around lately, so you're not alone. I was a grouch yesterday and had no real specific reason why. Winter needs to hurry up and be done with already.

Vegas Princess said...

I have two very bad weeks but am better now. Finally out of my funk and I even blogged today!