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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Flipping Mission

Do you remember flip alarm clocks? We had a couple of these growing up, and I had one in my bedroom until... wow, probably the start of high school. Do you remember the lighting those things had at night? I remember having one with this ugly orange bulb - but hey it worked, I could see the time at night. I miss those flip clocks, that sound they make when the numbers change was one of those comfort white noise sounds I remember from childhood. I can remember trying to guess the very second a number would change - it was one of those insomnia things I did to entertain myself, LOL. They're a far cry from the digital CD player/iPod docks they have now, but I love the retro look (and sound).

So I got to wondering how easy it is to find one of these... and it turns out, it's not so hard to find a retro flip clock on e-bay, but they really don't make many of these new anymore. Most are a "new" retro look meant for the office desk, and I found one new model I'm actually considering, but I'm still leaning toward a retro alarm model to use in the bedroom. The problem is finding an old one that's still in good shape.

I'm on a mission!


Nik said...

Maybe antique shop?? lol

jiggins said...

I did a search for them on Amazon just now before I finished reading your post.. and I couldn't find one so easily, new, either. I will keep looking. I do, as a rule, not have an alarm clock visible in my room at night. I just can't sleep if I do. But they are cool looking and very retro-ish. (we are getting old)

Vegas Princess said...

Whenever I see one of those clocks I always think of Back to the Future. The beginning and end of the movie start with closeups of the time changing on a flip clock. :)

Good luck!

Fred said...

Oh yeah, I remember them. The few times I had a hard time getting to sleep, I'd have to unplug the thing because every time it flipped, that would be one more minute I was awake.