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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cherry Jolly Ranchers

I just put a cherry Jolly Rancher in my mouth and it took me right back to being about ten years old, sitting in a movie theatre I'd been in a million times, watching a movie. Maybe it was Benji, maybe it was The Apple Dumpling Gang; It doesn't really matter because I always had cherry Jolly Ranchers. My best friend Lora (Name was not the only thing we had in common) was usually the person with me. The airbase we lived on had its own movie theatre and it was walking distance from our neighborhood, so we spent a lot of our time there.

My sense of smell appears to be my most nostalgic - I love it when that happens!

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New White Keds said...

we were all abotu the STIX Jolly Ranchers, before they were so readily available in pop-in-your-mouth hard candies. The FIRE STIX was the BEST! Followed, of course, by green apple and cherry. Yummy! I remember being at the drive in theater with my stix -- they were only 10 cents, so how could you go wrong? You have just taken me there with you! Thanks friend!

LoraLoo said...

Amy, the STIX... exactly! I liked the fire ones a lot too. :)

Randy said...

you actually watched Benjii and The Apple Dumpling Gang? We always "said" that's what we were going to watch and then snuck into whatever "R" rated movie was playing....never actually watched the "G" movies.

I was never big on Jolly Ranchers, but whenever I go to the movies I flashback to times as a kid when I would always dump my plain M&Ms into my popcorn and eat em together LOL

Christina said...

funny how tastes and smells can bring back such vivid memories...

green apple were always my favorite jolly ranchers!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hi, I'm finally catching up here! Looks like you had a great Halloween, you looked too cute.

I love it when I taste/smell/see or hear something that takes me back to a good memory. Like Keds, I loved those Jolly Rancher STIX! The Fire was killer! Do they still make those?

LoraLoo said...

Randy: Yeah, I actually watched those movies. The theatre on base had I think only two screens back then, they played the kid friendly stuff during the day.

Christina: Have to admit that green apple is now my favorite flavor!

Barbara: Thank you! Ya know I don't think they make the stix anymore... and do they even carry the fire flavor in the little candies? Dunno.