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Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating this year was quite a big crew, it's a tradition for the family to gather at my house and go around my development (there's 255 homes total in here). There weren't as many homes giving out candy - there's quite a few empty homes. The kids had the bejeezus scared out of them at least twice...good times, good times.

Here's one of Madison and I before everyone arrived. She didn't want to wear her crown, she was so proud of that red hair.

Not everyone is in this photo below, this is just everyone with a costume. I'd bought some yellow colored hairspray to make my hair look blonde, but I really ended up looking more like I'd just spent too much time in the pool, it was kind of a greenish hue because it didn't mix well with the natural shade of my hair.

Maddy's off to dreamland and I'm now enjoying a Heineken light to end quite a Halloween!

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Vegas Princess said...

Aw you guys look great!