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Friday, October 31, 2008


It's my favorite holiday of the year. :)

Madison and I have been pretty busy - we had to take a trip to my office because I'd forgotten her cousin's birthday present there, as my office has become the present hiding spot. Madison pays wayyyyyyy too much attention to things around the house. In my office, she got comfortable pretty quickly at my desk, and decided to make some recommendations for change in our current business processes.

We left there and went to the party store for some last minute costume additions. I'll probably post pictures tonight after all the festivities.

When we got home we had lunch and made some cupcakes. Madison pretty much did all the work, I only supervised and handled the hot stuff.

I'm amazed lately at how much more she can do on her own now. She's become quite independent, and it seems like it happened overnight.

We're going trick or treating with the family later on, hope you all have a kick-ass yet safe evening. :)
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1 comment:

Randy~ said...

Those cupcakes look goooooooood. I'm sure you saved me a couple, right?!?!