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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's In My Head

Why do men's sweatpants have pockets, while women's don't? I don't want to carry anything? Like I'll be carrying my purse through a workout.

I will reach 70k on my Tucson in the next week. I have never, ever, driven one car for 70K, I do believe my all time record was 52k. Funny part is that this is the car I care for least of all those I've owned. Well except the Vette (ahem, ok the Chevette) was the worst one. That car wouldn't even reach 55 mph.

I found out yesterday that my favorite Sizzler location closed for good. We drove up looking forward to some steak and shrimp, and were disappointed to find it all locked up. Sure, there are better steak restaurants... but this one had been there forever (at Trop and Eastern). I had worked next door to the place before my state gig (that means a long, long time ago), and we'd go there sometimes after a shift. The guys and I got over there sometimes in the last year, it was a nice place to escape the office for lunch. I was a bit attached to it.

Have you seen the Ouija game for kids? I have seen it in the stores before, but it surprises me every time. It's what horror movies are made from!

I'm off for the next three days. Life my friends, is good.

Happy Halloween! What are you gonna be this year?


Fred said...

Enjoy your time off. I'm going to be the house-sitter this year. No party for the first time in a few years. The Missus will go to the football game, and I'll make sure no eggs come flying this way,

Vegas Princess said...

I am just amazed there were still Sizzler locations any where. Thought those went away a long time ago.

And why don't women's sweatpants have pockets? Huh.