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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend Update

I can't believe I had three whole days off and they're already over!

Yesterday Madison was invited to a birthday party centered around pony rides. They got to feed some farm animals, groom ponies, and of course ride ponies. I had no idea this place existed, and the kids had an absolute blast! Here's a couple of photos:

Madison is terrified of dogs (no clue why) but she had absolutely no trouble getting up on a horse. Five times. This is my favorite picture of her riding a pony:

This one is of Madison and two other members of the posse. These three are always together.

Yesterday afternoon Madison and I completed an entire math workbook. Not that it was all that big, it had two pages for each number, 1-20. But she insisted on finishing the whole thing. She's doing so awesome with her penmanship, and has mastered all numbers but 6, for some reason she's really struggling with writing that one number.

I watched Oceans 13 last night, and I firmly believe they should have stopped at 11. This one redeemed them after Oceans 12, but it was just ok. The only thing I've enjoyed through all three was the relationship between Rusty (Brad Pitt) and Danny (George Clooney). They play off each other excellently. Even Pacino's acting was marginal?!

Today was a dedication (a non-denominational baptism) for my nephew Max, and I just knew it was at 2pm. I read the invitation and noted the time, weeks ago. So when I got the reminder email I didn't even look at it, cause I knew when and where it was... Uh.... Except I was wrong on the time, so we missed it by 2 hours. We did make it for the reception and time with the family, but yeah, I kinda blew it. I've done this like 4 times in the last few months - forgetting upcoming events or not paying attention to time. I think I'm spreading myself a little thin or I need to work on my time management, cause I'm NEVER late, and I'm a very structured person. I need to ponder this and remedy it.

How was your weekend, internet?
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K-Mac said...

I agree on Ocean's 11. 12 was just AWFUL! Thirteen wasn't bad, but yeah, just didn't have that same snappy dialogue and chemistry as 11.

As for Pacino, he's been marginal for quite some time. Ever since Scent of a Woman, he's become a caricature of himself.

But I'm still not sure how Scarface is considered a classic when you've got an Italian-American actor portraying a Cuban druglord in almost racist stereotypical fashion.

But that's just me.

Randy said...

The first sign of old age is memory loss....HMMMMM!!!


Nik said...

The kids look like they were having fun at the pony party.
Still haven't seen Ocean's 13, its on my to-do list though.
As for being late, simple mistake, m'friend. I hate being late too, but it makes ya feel even worse when you get the times wrong. Good thing is that if you're usually on time for things, it's easier to believe ya when you say "I coulda swore it was at *whatever* time".