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Saturday, October 04, 2008


Well it finally happened - I got caught in a storm during my nightly walk.

As I left the house I saw lightning over a near mountain range. I didn't think much of it; you see that all the time here in the desert and the storm never makes it into the valley. I could feel it was humid, but we'd had rain forecasted all day and the sun was shining in a nearly clear sky for much of the day. No big deal.

I get about a mile from the house and suddenly the wind kicked up to about 30 mph, it just came out of nowhere. It was gusting much faster than that and blew me sideways against my will more than once. That's the sign I knew I needed to take seriously, and turned back for home.

About half a mile from home, I can barely see because the wind is kicking up dust, dirt and debri... and I start to feel large drops on my head, sporadically. Crap. A few paces later and it just starts coming down on me. When I got home, I literally had to peel the clothes off me - I was completely soaked.

Ya know what? I found it hilarious. I had started to jog when the rain started coming down but I stopped and just walked my normal pace. I laughed because I'm too stubborn to join a gym, and I just laughed because getting caught in the rain is pretty damn funny.


Ken said...

Yeah. We just got back from Jen and Casey's. We were really glad we didn't walk over...

When we were on our honeymoon, it rained nearly every day. The funniest thing was to see people run out of the pool when it was raining. Amy was always like "you are already wet, what's the difference?"

New White Keds said...

I hope you stopped to enjoy the water falling on your face and jump in a few puddles along the way, You rock!

Fred said...

Now I know why I don;t exercise. I'd hat to get caught up in a hurricane around here.

Is that Keds up there? Hi Keds....hope you post soon!

jiggins said...

Rain huh? I must have missed it on my side of town. Then again i was indoors until nearly 1 am with work.. I have, however, been caught in freak Summer or late Summer thunderstorms in the past.. funny and refreshing and a little bit bothersome.. but in the end.. good stuff!

Vegas Princess said...

I think this was the same storm that lifted me up off the ground and slammed me against my car with a big gust. I tell you, these desert storms are sparse but vicious when they make it over the mountains.