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Friday, October 03, 2008

What's On My iPod

Matt Nathanson - "Come On Get Higher" - This is one of the sweetest, most smooshy love songs I have heard in a really long time. The video that goes along fits the song perfectly. Give it a listen and smile... I think I'm gonna go check out the rest of his CD.

The Cure - "Pictures of You" - The Cure epitomizes high school for me, I remember listening to this song over and over... and over, and it still has the same effect. The video kind of cracks me up because they look like they're filming a home video on a beach but they're all wearing parkas.

Cathy Dennis - "Touch Me" - I found this song on a compilation CD when I re-recorded everything from my music collection. I remember hearing this in clubs back in the 90's. Club music was sooooo different then.

Primitive Radio Gods - "Standing Outside a Broken Phonebooth with Money in My Hand" - Do you remember this one-hit wonder from the 90's? I didn't realize I had it, nice surprise.

The Pogues - "Love You Til the End" - I was talking about the movie "P.S. I Love You" today and it made me wanna come home and listen to the soundtrack, which features this song. Here is a fan made video for it. I couldn't even watch this video without almost tearing up, holy crap that movie was powerful.


Alissa said...

I fell in love with "Come on Get Higher" a while ago! Very sweet song :)

jiggins said...

Here is the thing.. I have loved that song PICTURES OF YOU from the moment I heard it.. and i may be around your age as well.. then somehow I forgot about it.. never really forgot.. but it went to the back of my mind. One day i heard it in an HP photo printer commercial..and it was great for that commercial and it brought it all rushing back. Great song.. also, somehow i have 2 of Matt Nathanson's albums in my itunes.. not sure how though.. I'll be giving him more of a listen. I have a similar post in the works..see ya then!

jiggins said...

check out a blog that belongs to a friend of mine : http://pastriesnotpasties.blogspot.com/

shes is a local pastry chef.. working here in Vegas.. life is changing up a bit for her right now. you might enjoy it.