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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend Update

The Halloween decorations are up! Madison and I spent time Saturday making ghosts to hang from the tree in the front yard. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I really get into the decor. Here's some pictures:

This is a daytime view so you can see the ghosts hanging from the bottom branches of the tree, except you really can't see them well:

Here's a dusk view to get a better look at all the lights... when the sun is gone our house has this great orange glow you can see from really far away:

Here we're having some fun with a spider I have at the front door... I got Madison to pretend she's terrified because it's attacking her:

There are plenty of others over at Flickr, including some where she's presenting some of the decor like a Price is Right girl.

Watched the Dallas/Cincinnati game today! A win is a win, true... but I started that game multitasking, thinking it would be boring. The Bengals came in with a 0-4 record, against Dallas' 3-1. Cake, right? Dallas was lazy today and it almost cost them the game. By the 3rd quarter I was watching intently and yelling at the TV screen. It's a good thing Jerry Jones wasn't taking my calls, cause I was ready to go all crazy white girl on him.

I found out Robin Thicke is coming to Vegas in November! I'm so excited because my dear friend Amy is going with me... I got our tickets tonight and I can barely contain myself. I really don't do many concerts/shows unless I really enjoy the artist, it's just so expensive anymore. So you get the idea... he ROCKS, to me!

How was your weekend, Internet?

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jiggins said...

Halloween is so much fun. It's great that you are able to share your favorite time with your daughter.. great memories to be made, lots of candy to be eaten..Have fun! (I can hardly wait as well)

Paticus said...

I'm excited for Halloween this year, as we are moving to an actual neighborhood,where people might actually trick or treat, so we can decorate the house.
the "Boys scared me a bit yesterday as well. Though it sounds like they angered Wade a bit with the performance as well, so hopefully things will change a bit, and they'll start playing 60 minute games !

JoeinVegas said...

Should have a picture of you screaming like that when you realize how expensive it all is (ouch).
Last year we had six groups of trick or treaters at our house, a new record (almost two dozen kids, wow!). I've got my big bag of candy ready for this year.

Vegas Princess said...

The decorations look great!

Let me guess. Robin Thicke is coming on a Friday or saturday night so I can't see him. That's the way it always works out.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

The house looks great! Danielle (my neice/Wyatt's mom) decorated their house this weekend too, I like yours better but don't tell her!

Nik said...

Your decorations are awesome. The pic taken later in the day looks really cool and creepy. The lights rock.

Hope you enjoy your concert in Nov. That dude's voice is amazing. I'm not a huge fan, but give credit where credit is definitely due.