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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Update

On Saturday I spent most of the day with Amy and Ken helping move some stuff. It was good exercise and some of it was just time visiting and cooling off with lunch after some hard work. Madison got to have an awesome play date the whole time with the kids of one of Amy's friends and neighbors... she's very happy to have made new friends and looks forward to seeing them every chance she gets! After all the festivities Madison and I ran some errands and that was all either of us had energy to do at that point, so we came home and colored. I still love crayons, coloring is cheap adult therapy!

This morning I went shopping... Kohl's is having a seriously kick ass sale and I took advantage of it. Yeah, you know I bought me some shoes! I did get some Fall clothes/shoes for Maddy, but I think she's going through a growth spurt, so hopefully they'll still fit when it gets cold. That girl is hungry NONstop right now.

When I was out and about this little crack I've had in my windshield for months just started to spider before my eyes. Damn. So now I'll be replacing my windshield for the 4th effing time in 3 years.

Here's where I was most of the afternoon:

It was hard to stay awake for some parts of the game cause well, I was on a bed, and I haven't sat still this long since last season! I picked up a new digital cable box for this television on Friday and connected the HDMI for a most excellent picture. Now I just need to paint the room. Can I go two months without a project? heh!

Madison kept me company for a little while. Below you'll see I'm getting her to watch the new Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld commercial, telling her that she too can be a gazillionaire when she grows up.

So my Cowboys spanked the Cleveland Browns... as Madison would say, "Well Duhhhhhh!" The team looked great, it was a fabulous start to the season! I'm so happy NFL is baaaaack!!

What have you been up to, Internet?


Paticus said...

That was a nice win yesterday. Hopefully Marion is okay, and Felix Jones looked like the real deal.

Vegas Princess said...

You love football...me not so much. With Brady out I have no reason to watch and so football games just screw up my work schedule and make me bored all day.

I hate this place and windshields. Have never had to replace my windshield ever. Then we move here and I have replaced mine once, my husband three times and I got a huge chip out of my new car's windshield three days after I bought it. I hate the 95.