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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday I cleaned house - and as usual, I'm all smiles when the house is clean. Somehow this time I managed to have the whole house done in record time, and I kept thinking I was forgetting something major. I hadn't forgotten anything - so I just kick that much ass.

This morning Maddy and I made our usual visit to a local park. Today it was the expansion part of Centennial Hills Park, they just opened it last week and it's really pretty awesome. There's a covered play structure so huge, it's like they took four park play structures and stuck them all together. Here's a picture of Madison playing on part of it:

We took a walk all around the new part, and there's even an amphitheater type area there, I'm going to have to check the city calendar for events. One thing about Las Vegas is that yes, it is an adult Disneyland. A huge complaint I hear all the time is that there's nothing for young people to do, such as other cities like San Diego or Austin or wherever. I know I'm biased because I grew up here - but I still disagree. It's harder to find things to do, we don't have Sea World and we don't have a climate that's comfortable to be outside in year-round. BUT, if you learn how to look for things to do, and get creative in your own circle of family and friends? There's a wealth of ways to keep kids of any age busy.

This afternoon we went to Amy and Ken's house for some swimming and dinner. Madison had a blast in the pool, she pretty much swam around all by herself for over an hour with one of those floatie sticks (What are those called?). Afterward family and friends all arrived for dinner and we had one fabulous feast with twelve of us all sitting around enjoying the food and good conversation. I think we may be making progress in convincing Madison to take swimming lessons, we are really struggling with getting her outside her comfort level to try new things. Thanks again to Amy and Ken for having us over, we really enjoyed ourselves!!
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New White Keds said...

Your weekend adventures are some of my favorite reads. Thanks for sharing them -- as a result, when we have kids I have som efabulous ideas of what to do with them!

As far as dinner goes, OMG! It was so fun and I am so glad you guys were there. All those people all that food, it was exactly what a Sunday family dinner should be, and I do consider you family -- so it was perfect! Thanks for coming.

Ken said...

Thanks for coming over! While Keds and I were exhausted afterwards, it was a happy exhausted. We love having you and your family over and we get great joy when Maddy has fun - even if Thorndyke still scares her!

Vegas Princess said...

I have to second Keds' declaration. You always have such fun on the weekends. I love reading about them.