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Monday, August 25, 2008

Drivetime Conversation

"Mommy, what are we having for dinner?"

"Chicken and rice, Maddy."

"Noooo, I don't like chicken and rice!"

"Next you're going to tell me it's lame."

"I don't say 'lame' anymore. I don't like that word anymore."

"Oh yeah? So 'lame' is no longer in style. So what's the latest word?"

"'Cool' Mom, we say that word now."

"So chicken and rice is cool, then, right Maddy?"

"Noooo... chicken and rice is NOT cool, Mommy. Not cool at all."


New White Keds said...

I cannot wait to see the face and hand gesture for cool or not cool.

Nik said...

Way to try and trick her, too bad she didn't take the bait. So, not cool.