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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Football Cards

Back in the mid 1990's, I was an avid football card collector. I was dating someone who was the collector-type and since I love football, it was a good fit. So over about a two year period I bought buttloads of football cards. I even collected a little after the relationship ended, because it was a relatively inexpensive hobby (I was never the hardcore collector), and there's this giddiness I got when I purchased a pack of cards - I couldn't wait to open them to see what was inside!

After some time, I stopped collecting. Honestly, I'm just not a collector, of anything. It's a fad thing for me, and once I realized it, I saved money (and space). It gave me more money for my CD collection, which is really the only thing I never get bored of, LOL.

I was asked about trading some cards from my collection, so I took a couple of my boxes out today and perused them. I seriously have a lot of cards that I didn't even remember. Hell, I found a set of college football cards, don't even remember buying them. I was hunting for a Danny White card I am fairly certain I have, but haven't come across it yet. I did find something funny, however - I have two Brett Favre rookie cards, I had not remembered he started as an Atlanta Falcon?? I have plenty of one-of-a-kind cards and some specialty cards, and some cards of players that went on to do quite well after the late 90's. I should sit down and see what some of them are worth, and maybe liquidate some to a sports collectibles store... or maybe, just continue to hold on to them and see what they're worth when Madison needs college tuition, LOL.

Do you, or have you ever collected anything?
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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hmm, I'm not a huge collector either but I used to collect dolphins so for years and years everyone got me dolphins of all types. My favorite are made of bone china...very pretty...but most of them I got rid of at a garage sale.

Sheena said...

I am a packrat... I will collect anything and everything. LOL Right now my main ones are stamps, and snapple lids (to make a craft out of... if I ever get to it.) Craft supplies... books... you name it, I probably have a few somewhere... When I was in junior high (I think?) I used to collect pogs. hehe. oh and casper movie cards. HAHAHAHA Wow, I just remembered that. =)

Alissa said...

I've been interested in coins for some time now. I recently started reading more about it and bought some supplies to go a little further with it. I love holding something in my hand that is so old (my best find so far is a 1905 Indianhead penny).

Randy said...

The thing about football cards are their inability to hold value.

Unfortunately rookie cards are defined as ONE card, and with football cards every company puts out a "rookie card" and then CGC determines which one is the "true rookie"

Baseball is different, a company pays for the rights to the "rookie" cards because their value is so much higher than football cards. But who knows, if they are older, you may have a small fortune on your hands. It's fairly easy to find out the value of what you have...you can check out beckett that's the main price guide for baseball and football....also browse ebay and see what current cards of certain players are selling for and you'll find alot of info about said card.

I keep it simple and just collect comics LOL....I sold all of my baseball and football cards 2 years ago and rid myself of the nightmare and I had A LOT.

LoraLoo said...

Barbara: My step-sister Toni collects dolphins too. I think all of hers are in storage.

Sheena: You are so crafty, I can only imagine how much you have - but I also bet you use it all too!

Alissa: I used to collect coins wayyyyy back. I don't even know where they are now?

Randy: You're right, they really don't hold much value unless you have one hell of a special card or a complete set, if I remember correctly. I used to have a subscription to Beckett's, heh. I should sit down and check e-bay on some of them.

Vegas Princess said...

I collect shot glasses. And matchbooks. Weird, I know. And I started both collections long before I ever drank or smoked. (don't smoke any more though but still collect the matchbooks)

Sorry I have been MIA...life caught up to me and have been neglecting my blogs. I am a bad bad blogger.

New White Keds said...

As a kid I collected harlequin masks. I had about 40 of them and they ran as a border around the top of my bedroom wrapping all the way around the room. I even painted some masks on my closet doors. Loved them!

Now, though, I am not much of a collector. My mom cured me of that. Her collections of collections are crazy and haunt my existance as I try to get rid of all of them!

But, I do find myself collecting things in my kitchen -- useable items. I LOVE santuko knives and cannot get enough sets of tongs with locking handles. Oh the joy!

Ken said...

I don't collect much anymore. When I was a kid, it was sports card. Baseball cards mostly, but some football and hockey. I think my parents still have my baseball cards...