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Monday, July 21, 2008

Dentist, Round Two

The dentist visit was a success! I have to tell you, I love my dentist, but a dentist that specializes in children is a whole different ball game. I get the difference now - a good children's dentist really thinks at their level and helps them through any fear. That's how my morning went - the hygienist showed her all the tools and let her touch and feel things, and when she got scared about something she slowed down and talked more about it. Mind you this is all before she got in the chair. Now to say it went perfectly would be an overstatement, as she sat in the chair but wouldn't let them recline her in the chair (but hey, it's progress)... they said this really isn't unusual and we dealt with it so that Madison didn't get way stressed out. She liked the dentist and really cooperated well, I was so pleased with this guy - so if you're looking for a children's dentist, let me know. I have an awesome referral. The only downside is that he's got two offices, and the office I went to today is his satellite and he's not going to operate out of that one anymore. So I'll have to go to Green Valley to see him. He did offer me two names of children's dentists in my area of town, but I think we'll visit him one more time and see how it goes. If it's way crazy for the price of gas, then I'll think about his recommendations. I really couldn't believe how well they did with my terrified child, so it makes me want to stick with him. Noteworthy was Madison asking me to promise it wouldn't hurt. "Promise, Mommy? Promise?" was something I heard from the time we left the house until the hygienist arrived in the office.

We picked up some lunch and went off to the Shark Reef - man that place was busy for a Monday. There's this alligator at the first stop who was loafing at the bottom of his pool until Madison came up to the glass... he slid right up and sat eye-to-eye with Madison and she promptly freaked out, it was hilarious. His timing could not have been better, I sure wish I had that on video. From there we hit the library and checked out some new books, and came home to snuggle on the sofa and watch Cinderella. Madison just loves the music from that movie.

I hope your Monday was good!
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Fred said...

I think I probably should go to a similar dentist. I'm not very adult-like when I see a drill headed my way.

Nik said...

Ha- I'm with Fred. Ya think they have special dentists for big babies?
I think it's cool that they let her see everything and play with the tools. I'm glad she responded a bit better to this visit and hope you're able to keep him as her dentist. I'm wondering, did she say it hurt, at all?

JoeinVegas said...

What's it going to take, a gallon of gas round trip, added to the cost of the dentist, just to have somebody she likes?
Glad you found someone. (does he take adults too?)

LoraLoo said...

Fred: I'm very much a big baby with the dentist too. It's really too bad they don't offer cocktails or valium before major dental work, LOL.

Nik: She acted like it was no big deal after it was all over, like she had conquered a huge monster. Hopefully that will last until her next visit.

Joe: Actually it would be closer to over three gallons of gas, it's somewhere around 36 miles one way from my house but still, you're right... way worth it if he's good and she liked him.