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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Update

It was an awesome weekend!!! On Saturday Maddy and I had blast at the North Las Vegas Taste 'n Tunes festival, where they had vendors, a variety of music and the aroma of food permeating the hot Spring air. Madison found the carnival rides upon entering where we spent a majority of our time, and we ran into my photographer friend Glenn there, whom Madison just adored... and she even let him take a few pictures with the little point and shoot he'd brought with him (I am pretty convinced he never leaves home without a camera). This festival was right in the heart of North Las Vegas (read that as a not so great part of town) but they had a really large police presence and I wasn't uncomfortable in the least there. What cracked me up most was this little roller coaster they had. Madison was clearly scared by on the first ride, but she kept wanting to go back to it. The love of fear like that is definitely in the genes!

We were going to another festival at Sunset Park but Madison was having allergy/cold like symptoms and after all those rides she was pretty much done. I strapped her in the car and she was passed out before we even got out of the parking lot. So she and I came home and watched a movie on the couch while she pretty much blew her nose the whole afternoon.

Thankfully she slept off the runny nose and she spent today with the in-laws and one of her cousins. Karl went to some off-road race at Stateline and I got the day to myself! How would I spend it? Time to myself?! Of course I called my dear friend Amy for a girl's day to the movies! We went to see "Baby Mama" - and I love Tina Fey, I think she's a brilliant comedienne, but was not all that impressed with this movie. It had some great cast, and I absolutely cracked up at Steve Martin's character... he was fantastic! Greg Kinnear was someone I hadn't expected, I enjoy seeing him in movies. I think the movie was just a little too predictable, and the laughs were a little too far apart for me. We spent some of the afternoon in the pool, it was so warm and felt like bathwater (which for me, was perfect).

As the weekend comes to a close - I'm tired and wondering where these last two days went. But fun always makes time disappear in the blink of an eye, doesn't it?


Nik said...

Ya know, I've heard a lot of people give "Baby Mama" the same review that you did. I thought it'd be a definite rental from the jump.

Festivals are so much fun. The Taste 'n Tunes one sounds like it was too cool.

Fred said...

I sat around and did nothing all weekend.

I did take a nap both days...does that count towards doing something?