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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Torture of Parenting (Sometimes)

This afternoon I went to order a birthday cake for Madison and Breana's birthday party. They're having a Disney Princess birthday together since their birthdays are only 6 days apart (Breana will be 5 and Madison will be 4). They both decided on a Disney Princess castle theme (bonus, they agreed on it). I'd picked up Madison and she's clearly tired, and still has a runny nose - but it's only going to take a minute to order the cake and we'll be home in no time. Right?

Ah no. I had to wait quite a bit for someone to notice I was waiting... and Madison wants to be picked up then put down. Repeatedly. Then she has to potty. It's becoming very clear she's quite tired and not feeling 100%. Next she's trying to poke at the cakes on display, and knocking on the glass. I hear from somewhere behind me, "I'll be right with you, Ma'am." Hooray, I've been spotted! After putting some things away she comes and I tell her I want the princess castle cake. She disappears, for what seems like forever, because Madison is so done waiting at the bakery. Minutes later...Yes! The lady reappears with all the castle cake-topper stuff. It's A LOT of stuff she's holding. This lady, for five minutes, tells me about the problem with the cake topper packages and how they put the wrong topper stuff in the bags and how they have to use two different cake decorating packages to get the one cake done. She repeats this story three times. I'm thinking to myself, "Lady... don't you see my little girl here ready to Tasmanian Devil all over your bakery?" It took a total of 15-20 minutes at the bakery, and in the big scheme of things? Not a big deal whatsoever. When you have a tired, sick, whiny and bored four-year-old? Pure Torture. It's like watching a stick of dynamite burn from just a few feet away.

The silver lining is that I got the LAST Disney Princess castle cake available. She took the page out of the ordering book as she completed my order. So in the end - it was sooooo worth it.


Davydgrey said...

Ahhhh I remember the days when Josh was into Disney......and I am soooo looking forward to when Jacob really gets into it, not just Mickey Mouse and Pooh Bear.

New White Keds said...

I cannot wait! LOL.. oh the joys. Are you sure I want to be doin this adoption thing?

Sheena said...

LOL @ tasmanian devil comparison. I've so been there as well. Situations like that make this weird time warp happen where 20 minutes literally feels like an hour! :)

Fred said...

I can still remember those birthdays, complete with princess gowns.

Got the last one. Whew!

Nik said...

Well, at least the bakery remained intact, your kid didn't totally lose her mind and embarrass the hell out of you, and you got what you were there for. The cake's going to be that much prettier and taste that much better knowing that you got the last one.