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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Out of Space

I have a huge project I'm about to take on: Getting my entire music catalog digital. When I got my first iPod, I'd taken each of my CDs and added only my favorite songs from each, but since then I've been just adding the entire CD. So the first 300ish are only in my catalog partially, and I'm wanting to go back and re-record them in their entirety, and at a higher bit rate (meaning the quality will be higher). In doing so, I'll also be able to fix any tags that got changed incorrectly by Fixtunes as well (I will never, ever use one of those programs to fix music tags ever again). This is going to be quite the project, and I have a bigger problem. My music storage is out of space and thus I have CD's everywhere, and they're no longer in perfect alphabetical order. This makes me a little crazy (go figure, LOL). I also have movies in the same cabinet where my music is, taking up more space! Soooooo... I'm on a mission to find a new cabinet. I went to Best Buy today looking for a cabinet and what they had was less than desirable - but I did end up leaving with two new DVD's: the entire Square Pegs catalog (ok, ok, so it only lasted one season) as well as the director's cut for Tombstone. Best Buy is one of the worst possible stores to let me loose in - it's just under the euphoria that Fry's Electronics initiates in my brain (we are talking a major Pavlov's response here)! But seriously - I couldn't resist Square Pegs - I loved that show when it was on TV (showing my age again), and Tombstone, well that just goes without saying! Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp? Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday? Hellloooooo! I'm yer huckleberry!

I guess I'll be investing in a good media storage piece of furniture, I'm tired of the plywood stuff that falls apart. Have any idea where I might look?


Vegas Princess said...

I have the same problem with Best Buy. Can not walk out of that store with nothing.

I ended up getting some nice bookcases and cabinets from Target. There stuff is much sturdier. I hate the cardboard crap too.

New White Keds said...

I have a great catalog with some nice peices in it for your storage needs -- Also, crat and barrell has some decent pieces. Target has a few, but let me show you the catalog on Sunday and you can decide if you want to use it. great looking stuff there, C&B and Pottery Parn to boot.

Ken and I got tired of the cheap stuff too, that is why we ended up buying all of our new furniture at Ethan Allen -- we were sick of spending nearly the same price for the good stuff on totally disposable

Ken said...

As Amy mentioned, I'd look at someplace like Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel. If you are just looking for one piece, I'd probably stay away from Ethan Allen (even though they are having a HUGE sale this weekend).

Have you ever thought about just loading your CDs into iTunes and packing them away? May be a better use of space.

Nik said...

I just want to say that I DO NOT envy you in the least. I wish you the best though in your music project. I'm cringing just imagining all the time it's going to take you to do this. The alphabetical order of things is definitely a must though.

I have to go along with what everybody else's suggestions. If that doesn't pan out, I recently bought a dvd rack online that rocks. I don't remember where I got it from though.

Fred said...

I'd like to hear how your project works out. I did exactly the same thing with my CDs and iPod.

At some point I'd love to do the same thing with all my photo albums. Now, that would be a project!

BeckEye said...

I'm so lazy when it comes to this stuff. I keep importing songs into my computer in bits and pieces, and I'm even slower getting them into my iPod.

Teleolurian said...

I'm so glad I once lived with an aggressive ripper. I didn't have to do a thing ;)

Good luck in getting your stuff together!