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Friday, May 16, 2008

What's On My iPod

Stone Sour - "Made of Scars" - I bought their Come What(Ever) May album for the song "Through Glass" and some of the other songs are pretty good too, this being one of them. If you watch the video, the lead singer has the biggest neck I think I've ever seen...LOL

Rachel Sweet - "Voodoo" - I'd never seen this video as many times as I've listened to this song, it's from the 80's, and WOW does she look like she's really, really young.

P.M. Dawn - "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" - I love this song and can sing along to every last word. It is also the first song I remember sampling, in this case being Spandau Ballet's "True". I know it had been happening for years and years before, but this one was the first real blatant one for me. But it works for the song, and with the original artist's permission, it's all good to me.

Michael Bublé - "Save the Last Dance" -I find that people either love or hate Michael Bublé, and I fall in the former category... This song has been remade a billion times but I really enjoy Michael's version, and the video is kinda cute.

Elastica - "Connection" - Awesome song, I think this one from the 90's gets overlooked a lot. Elastica was a pretty kick-ass girl band.


Fred said...

My iPod is extremely eclectic. I've got 80s pop and rock, oldies from the 60s and early 70s, some R&B, country, and soundtracks like Across The Universe. Mixed in are some recent top singles.

My students love to look at what's on there...for some reason they're fascinated that I would have some current music on there at all.

An80sNut said...

I tried to post this once before but am going to attempt it again. I'd been hearing Michael Buble's music on our muzak at work for a few months and was wondering who it was. So, the night before the wedding, I couldn't sleep and was at Wal-Mart walking around before midnight. I wound up purchasing his 3 studio albums right then and there. I haven't listened to more than the Call Me Irresponsible album (because it's damn good) but will fix that soon.