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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Land of 10,000 Lakes Still Has Frozen Lakes

As I eluded to the other day, we're going on vacation this next week. We are going to Minneapolis this coming Thursday to visit my family and enjoy some of the things that Minnesota has to offer! One thing I hadn't expected but it seems I'll get to experience is.... SNOW. An aunt called me a week ago to tell me they'd gotten snow and an uncle called my Dad this morning to say they were getting snow in Minneapolis today and that it was a balmy 20 degrees! Oh goodie! If you're new around here, you might not know that I despise the snow (and the cold in general). There's plenty of reasons I live in the desert, and the climate is a major one. So I'll be crossing off the shorts and sandals from the packing list, heh... The weather is saying somewhere around 60 degrees for the daytime high, but for us desert rats, that's parka weather. Saturday night it's expected to rain and snow. Woooot!

We're staying pretty central in the Minneapolis area but I have family all over the place. We're only there for four days so we're cramming A LOT in - of course we have to make it to the Mall of America and the Como Zoo. This is also Madison's first trip on an airplane, and she's really excited - and hopefully all the prep talk I'm doing will have some impact before takeoff. :)


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Oh wow....I have a friend in MN that posted pics of the snow on his blog, if you look in my links you can find it "From Redlands to Maplewood".

Have a super time even if its a bit chilly. Madison will have a great time. I remember the Como Zoo from my childhood visits to MN!!!

Nik said...

What?!? You're going to go all the way to MN and not visit the SPAM museum? Seriously, the Mall of America rocks. I love that place. You're all going to have such a great time, I'm sure.

Too bad about the weather. The sad thing is, that 60 degrees you talk about is actually considered "warm" to us. We got 3 days of mid to high 70's last week. Now, we're back to mid-50's (and lower). I really hope it warms up towards the end of this week for you.