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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Update

The weekend started on a good note Friday night - I'd bought a swimsuit and tried it on, and my very honest almost-four-year-old told me it looked great on me. Too bad I won't be needing it for my trip to Minneapolis!

Saturday was pretty boring, just did stuff around the house and oh yeah... I got an awesome pedicure. I actually got a pedicure by a man, and wow, was that sweet. His name is Kevin and I'll definitely be going back to him, cause he was awesome.

Today was very much the Maddy and Mommy show. We started with a long walk this morning, which ended at McDonald's for an ice cream cone for her, I just got to watch and drool. :) Here's a picture from the walk:
Then we did some bubble blowing and painting in the backyard after lunch, and Madison was picking flowers... I finally know how to take close-ups of objects (Thanks Glenn!), so I decided to try it out today:I'm not very pleased you can see my hand, but it's not bad.

This afternoon we went to Best Buy because I was on a mission to find a Blue October CD, and we ran into one of my friends, Julie (hi Julie!) - Madison had just woken up from falling asleep on the drive there and was sooooo not cooperative, or even sweet! Madison is funny like that - she's really shy for the first few minutes she's around anyone, it's hard to get her trust (I have no idea where she gets that from, lol). But when she's tired, wow... she's not that sweet little girl she looks to be (and I have no idea where she gets that from either!). I know Julie totally understood but I was feeling bad about it.

I'm now off to make pork chops - feel free to entertain yourself at my Flickr page, I took a lot of photos this weekend - or tell me about your weekend?


JoeInVegas said...

Flowers? I thought it was still snowing. Oh - that's there, this is here. Never mind.

Anonymous said...


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Nik said...

The weekend pictures look great, all of that sunshine and pretty flowers. You should send some of that my way. I hope it warms up at least a little bit for your trip to MN. I thought the pic of Madison with ice cream chin was cute, too.