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Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's in My Head

I got to spend a great deal of my day outside today, which was awesome. My farmer's tan is starting to look pretty damn hot.

My black widow spider friends have already started to return to that long wall along my walk. No, Molie - I hadn't missed them one bit! Almost cruised right through a web tonight, as I hadn't expected them until the weather actually got hot here in the desert.

I am cleaning out two rooms full of junked computer/network equipment tomorrow. It's going to feel like Spring cleaning in my office! It's a little crazy how much satisfaction I get out of throwing things away. Although we're not actually throwing it all away, a local non-profit agency called the Blind Center of Nevada recycles electronics.

Only two days until the Joss Stone concert! I'm so excited!

My allergies are still kicking my ass, maybe it's time I stop relying on over the counter crap when I need it and get a prescription. I just hate taking pills because I have to. I can't even keep focus on a multivitamin let alone allergy meds.


JoeInVegas said...

Last year my doc gave me some type of injection that made it all go away for most of the year. When I get home I'll look up what it was.

Molie said...

LOL, damn creepy spiders.

Cleaning and getting rid of items that are of no use is quite liberating.