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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ted's Ten Sessions

I got an email from a girlfriend at work today who asked me why I hadn't posted on Monday's HIMYM episode, guest starring our favorite train wreck, Britney Spears. She rocks for getting this post swirling around my head this afternoon! It's certainly not that I didn't have an opinion, but I hadn't watched it until after I'd already posted last night.

I read an article this morning that said her appearance gave HIMYM it's highest ratings ever. I was immediately surprised and then I remembered, everyone tuned in to see if she would fail. Besides, HIMYM was an option on the chopping block, and she might have sealed their demise. However, it looks like she did us all a favor, it appears to no longer be in jeopardy. I give a Catholic school girl high-five to her for that one.

I have to admit... she played the role of Abbey pretty damn good. You could tell she was a little nervous but pulled it off as the very confused receptionist with the crush on Ted. Not sure I'd like to see her as a recurring character? If we are to see the doctor, Stella, again... undoubtedly she'll be back.

Speaking of Stella - How about that two minute date? That was, by far, the most awesome thing Ted's character has done to win over a woman, ever.

If you watch HIMYM, what did you think of it?


Ken said...

OMG. I laughed my a$$ off! I thought it was so funny. I liked Sarah Chalke in the role, and if HIMYM outlasts Scrubs, I'm hoping she's the mother. I can totally see why Alicia Silverstone begged off of the role, too. Did you catch the St. Patty's Day party comment? We are supposed to meet "Mother" this season.

Have you noticed that Robin has sort of drifted off the planet?

And hey, if Britney, who wasn't horrid at all, improves ratings for the show and keeps it around, then it was a good move by the producers.

New White Keds said...

I totally agree with Ken, especially about the Robin thing. I did not say anything at the time, but it really bugged me how little she was a participant in things. It is like now that they are not dating anymore, she really is starting to take a back seat to the rest of the storylines. Which is way too bad. I love her character.

Also agree with Ken re: Sara Calk. I liked her a lot and loved her chemistry with "Ted."

Now -- the date! OMG! That was the BEST thing I have ever seen, in real life or on TV. What a fabulous, creative and wonderful date! Men all over the place should have been taking notes on how to be that thoughtful and charming!