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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Weekend Update

As I got Madison dressed for bed tonight, I couldn't believe it was already Sunday night. Weekends always fly by, but this one was one of the busiest I've had for some time. I hardly saw my kid at all this weekend, her social calendar makes me a little dizzy sometimes. She spent most of Saturday and Saturday night with her Aunt Toni and the family, and I picked her up this morning only to chauffeur her over to her to the in-laws for the whole day to spend time them and a cousin.

Seeing as Maddy was busy being a social butterfly this weekend, I made the most of the time. I spent most of Saturday with Amy. I started the day having breakfast with she and Ken; Amy made me the most amazing omelette I've ever tasted! Then she, Teri and I spent some time together getting work done that Amy had asked for some assistance with. Afterward, Amy and I had this fantastic lunch and went shopping! We are very good shopping companions, which is pretty dangerous because the more I browse, the more I spend. :) Amy and I started with some shoe shopping, and I found two fabulous pairs of shoes that I will now need to buy outfits just to wear, as well as two pretty pairs for Maddy. Afterward we spent somewhere near an hour and a half in Target... I'd had only 5 items on my shopping list but I left with over 20, LOL.

Amy said something I've been thinking about since yesterday - that I'm more girlie than I believe I am. I do believe she's correct. But even the most tomboy of tomboys can be girlie in all its lacy fuschia glory with some inspiration.

Having today without a little one to keep entertained, we decided to do more painting in the house. We got the area at the front door and one of two hallways completed in about 6 hours. Here are before and after photos:



The difference is pretty subtle (and there are two spots in the after photo that are just shadows). We went from a flat white paint to what I like to call a nougat color. It looks like the inside of a Three Musketeers. What was seriously cool was watching any scuff marks, stains, and blemishes disappear as I rolled paint!

This is the first time this weekend I am sitting and relaxing, and I'm already looking forward to staring at the inside of my eyelids.


Ken said...

Sounds like you had a productive weekend. I know that Amy appreciated the assistance and had a blast hanging out after lunch.

Sorry about the Sonio's wierdness, though. That's just bizarre.

Vegas Princess said...

I can definately see the differance, your white baseboards stick out more! :) Nice job.

JoeInVegas said...

Oh, neat, and there seem to have been some pictures stuck inside that paint can too. Wow, the things they come up with.

Sheena said...

glad you had fun shopping! the wall color is definitely subtle, but it still adds warmth. Very nice, I like it. :) ciao!