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Monday, March 03, 2008

Owwww! That hurts.

I had this bump thing on my leg forever - and by forever I mean like 10+ years. It bothered me, sure, every time I sliced myself shaving my legs... but it never occured to me to get rid of it until recently. My doctor thought it might be a wart (but for over 10 years?) and tried to freeze it to no avail. I saw a dermatologist this morning, and he has a terrible bedside manner, so I'm not going to mention him and get him business, but I did manage to get out of him that he believes it's a dermatofibroma, and that he's going to send it out for a biopsy just in case. His nurse gave me a local anesthetic and he told me he'd be just slicing it right off the top, so my leg will be smooth again.

I was dumb enough to look under the bandage after the numbness wore off, and I have this big square missing from my leg! (I can be dramatic, so for those who don't know that, it's about a one square inch area.) The startle was the hunk missing, I was expecting it to be flat. So it hurts, and I'm whining. It's a bit of a slow day, so the office spouse has been getting the brunt of it, poor guy...


Teleolurian said...

he stole it, obviously, to help build his mighty clone army.

Vegas Princess said...

Ouch! Sounds gross but not enough that I won't ask for a picture. :)