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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Update

It has been a 5-day weekend for me, and quite the eventful one. Thanksgiving day 2007 is already only a memory... we had 13 people total and everyone left needing to loosen their belts just a little, so it was a success! The Cowboys trampled the Jets, bonus!

My sister Toni and I braved Black Friday, and honestly, it wasn't so black. Busy, yes. Lines, definitely. We'd expected much worse. We came, we saw, we spent. Toys R Us was the craziest we saw, and it wasn't all that bad. Mind you, we didn't brave the elements and the craziness by going out at 5am. Which is probably why the one big-ticket item I'd hoped for, a Nintendo Wii, is still out of my reach. No biggie. It'll be mine, all in good time. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Saturday we took Madison to see Bee Movie with Toni and her family. That was a very cute movie, and it actually kept my 3-year-old's attention. That says a lot! The in-laws came over Saturday night for pizza, and by bedtime Madison was passed out.

Today we got the Christmas decorating started. The tree is up, but not adorned with beautiful things yet. The bonus to a tree that comes with lights is obvious. The disadvantage is when a string of lights doesn't light up when you plug it in. Is it one bulb or several? It's much easier when you can string them on the floor to troubleshoot. However, the lights are up on the house! Here's a picture:

We have an 8-foot snowman for the yard, but considering the huge size of the front yard (dripping with sarcasm here), we're having some issues figuring out where to put it.

Tomorrow it's back to work... I hope you all had a good, long weekend. Did anyone brave Black Friday like myself? Did you do the wee-hours shopping? Did you find what you were looking for?


Vegas Princess said...

Your house looks beautiful! Makes me want to decorate mine.

I did not brave Black Friday. I did that once and that was enough for me. I am almost done with shopping any way and didn't need anything that badly.

Here is a tip on the Wii. Check with your local Target. They get their shipments in a few days before they are allowed to put the Wiis out on the floor. If you ask at the right time they can tell you eactly what day they will be put on the floor and you can be there at 8 AM when they open. Or if you are crazy like me you can keep asking Best buy when they get their shipment in and then get to the store at 4 PM when the truck arrives and wait in line to get a number to get a Wii and walk out with one two and a half hours later. But I am crazy like that. (Target was our back up plan if Best Buy did not come through)

Sheena said...

very pretty! my tree is still not up :( boo. good luck getting the wii!

Molie said...

I try and do the majority of my shopping online. I lack patience with crowded stores.

I just bought a pre-lit tree this year, I'll be putting up by this coming weekend. I'm not a fan of stringing lights on the tree and even less so of removing them after. If I had room to store it somewhere set up then I wouldn't have bothered with purchasing a pre-lit tree.

New White Keds said...

most of my shopping was done on line, weeks ago. but i did end up doing some of the shopping in the late afternoon and early evening. got up early on saturday, though, to hit target a second time looking for a specific gift a friend wanted for her daughter.

if you find a wii, let us know! we are looking for one too. if i find it, i will do the same for you.

ScrapAddictNV said...

Should said before that you wanted a Wii. Ruben sells them all the time as he finds them. We just sold our last on Ebay with quite a few games for $430. Good luck finding one. Ruben checks in at least twice weekly at all the local stores. It's a big Ebay ticket item, cause they go insane. We've sold 3 already. there are also a few games that go insane too, but haven't been lucky enough to find them.

Ruben is still struggling to decorate out house. The new house is bigger than any we've ever had, so we've spent insane money on stuff to decorate it - we have a corner lot, lots of yard, so we need a lot to make it shine!