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Monday, November 26, 2007

5 Things

5 things I hate about cold weather:

1. Daylight savings. I don't like the shorter daylight hours.

2. My hair will have static from now until May. No clue why.

3. Germs! I'll be worrying about colds and the flu until Spring.

4. Less outdoor activities. I'd much rather be outdoors.

5. Too many clothes. I was never very good at layering.

To be fair, I found 5 things I love about cold weather:

1. Scarves. I love how scarves feel on my neck.

2. Fuzzy socks. Warmth with flair. :)

3. Blankets. There is nothing better than sitting under a warm blanket in my big chair while I blog.

4. The holidays! As much as our society has made this a marketing mess, this is a fabulous time of year if you ignore the nonsense.

5. Madison in warm fuzzy clothes. Kids are so freakin' cute in winter clothes!


Otto said...

You want cold? Come to the Midwest. It's LOVELY! *UGH!*

Molie said...

I wish my East Coast winters were as cold as yours.

Temps this weekend are going to be in the 30's. I bet your putting on your fuzzy socks just thinking about that. ;)

I also hate daylight savings, I hate that it will be dark out at 4 soon.

I hate all the money I spend on oil to stay warm.

I hate that when it's cold and windy, it makes my eyes all watery.

But I love fall/winter clothes. I'm all about long sleeves, sweaters, boots and the fabulous winter colors.

I also love being all cover up in bed under a comforter and a heated blanket. Mmmmm warm & toasty.

Vegas Princess said...

YOu just reminded me it is time to put the electric blanket on the bed!

I hate the static too! I shock my husband and the cats all the time.

LoraLoo said...

Otto: True, true. Out here, when it gets below 60 degrees, we're wearing parkas.

Molie: I did get chills just reading your temperature. We're not even there at night yet. Surprisingly, though, it gets damn cold here at night (okay, don't laugh, I'm talking upper teens at worst). I do love winter colors, they are my best colors.

VP: I haven't used an electric blanket in years, I don't know why? They are so toasty.

Nik said...

Ya know, I don't have a nice thing to say about cold weather. Not one thing at all. So kudos to you for at least coming up with 5 things.

Hyena Online said...

Nice comment...

However, I like winter so much.