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Monday, October 01, 2007

Take It Outside

I work in a building with many suites and community bathrooms. There is a young lady who is always on the phone in the ladies bathroom on my floor. The conversation is usually full of drama, raised voices and sometimes crying. How can one pee when that's happening in the stall next to you?


Otto said...

I like my cell phone well and good, but I loathe the fact that too many people feel empowered to allow their manners and etiquette to take a holiday simply because they want to gossip on the phone.

It's like people turn into teen-age girls the minute they get a cell phone.

There's a bar here in Indy that is famous for "Russ's Rules." Russ is a WWII vet who owns the Red Key Tavern. You are welcome to come to his bar and have a drink, but you have to play by his rules:
* If you're inside, you take your jacket off. And you hang it on a hanger, not on your chair.
* If you're drinking at the bar, you are in a seat, not standing.
* If you order a beer, you drink out of a glass.
* And best of all: if you get a call on your cell phone, you EXCUSE YOURSELF AND TAKE THE CALL OUTSIDE!

I love it.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Sounds like a drama queen with a high need for attention. I totally agree with what Otto said. I can't believe how some people are - they seem to ENJOY flaunting gossip and personal stuff loudly in public. Its embarrassing and annoying for those around them

Vegas Princess said...

I can't STAND this! And people at my work do it all the time. SO I find myself walking to out-of-the-way bathrooms just to get some privacy. I really don't want to hear all about your life while I am trying to do my business.

I like those bar rules.

JoeinVegas said...

Having such a hard time because you're laughing too much?

Would it be poor ettiquet to join in and ask questions or comments, like 'tell him for me he's an idiot' or things similar.

An80sNut said...

I get annoyed with the guys that pull the cell phone out in the bathroom. I've started to make really loud grunts and saying "Oh, Lord! Here it comes!!" Ok, I haven't done it yet but it's in the back of my head waiting for the right moment.

Molie said...

I have issue with people using cell phones while on or near a toilet, talk about etiquette taking a holiday. Geez!