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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Movie Trailer + Weekend Update

Coworker S. emailed me the following trailer with the preface of "I'm going to make you cry, so bust out with the hanky..." He sent it because it's a new John Cusack movie being released October 5, and he knows how much I heart John Cusack. He wasn't lying, as I needed the box of tissue, but it sure looks like a fantastic movie. So grab your kleenex and check out the trailer at the link below:

Grace is Gone

Hope your weekend was fabulous - mine was pretty much a blur, but it was good. How 'bout them Cowboys??!! Yeah, I know. We beat an 0-3 team. But it put us at 4-0... Boooooyaaaahh!

Madison did some painting in the backyard this afternoon, and so I leave you with one of those pictures:


Vegas Princess said...

I heard about that movie, it looks really good! And sad. Definately a tissue movie.

I love how intently Madison is concentrating there. She looks so serious about her art.

Anonymous said...

I hate to make you sadder, but the release date for the movie has been moved to December 7. It's playing at festivals right now. I'm looking forward to it also.


Otto said...

In many of the war-themed movies I've seen, they have THAT scene...the military detail at the doorstep to deliver the news.

It never gets easier to see.

Molie said...

I heart John Cusack but I doubt I will see this. It looks pretty heavy from beginning to end.