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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What's In My Head

I mentioned some time ago I have an uncle in Minnesota with brain cancer. I got a call tonight that he's taken a serious turn for the worse and they're pretty much just keeping him comfortable at this point. He's in a diabetic coma... so if you do pray, say a little one for him.

One of Madison's teachers is very pregnant and Madison decided to ask me a bunch of questions about the baby in her tummy tonight. One of which was "How did that baby get in there?" Uh ... I was not ready for that! How do you explain that to a three-year-old?

Now that we're going to be painting another room in the house I must choose yet more window treatments (Remember the kitchen? Yeah, still no curtains, LOL). Why am I avoiding this task like the dentist? I'm not always as on-task as some might believe!

I am so effin tired... Insomnia has been hanging around again. It'll go away as fast as it arrives, thankfully I'm not one who suffers from it all the time. I love sleep wayyyyy too much!


JoeinVegas said...

So, what did you tell her? I've got it easy, answer here is 'ask your mother'.

An80sNut said...

I'm sorry about your uncle. I'll definitely put a prayer in.

I'd tell Maddy that 'love' put the baby in there to grow. B)

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Praying for your uncle & family, its never easy to go through a loss :(

I want to know what you tell Maddy too. I like Marten's answer but I doubt the inquisitive nature of a 3 year old girl will let it go at that :)

It was very hard explaining the whole thing to my son since his dad is not in the picture. Its hard enough for a kid to imagine his PARENTS doing it! YUK!

Nik said...

You're uncle is definately in my prayers. I wish your family peace and comfort during this difficult time.

As far as the baby in the tummy, you could always throw out the mommy and daddy special hug story. Or an80snut's suggestion might work too. It's tough to explain that to any kid, let alone a 3yr old. Good luck with that.

I'm sending you some sleep vibes again. Hope ya get some sleep.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Prayers for your uncle tonight, Lora!

I'd say in Maddy's situation, you just tell her the absolute truth! That a bright star fell, landed in a cabbage leaf and was tended to by fairys. I still think that's the way it's done!

By the way, your profile picture is gorgeous!!