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Saturday, October 27, 2007

In The News

I've been surfing some news articles this afternoon, so I thought I'd share what I found interesting with you.

Entire School System to Be Scrubbed After Superbug Case - Yeah, this made me feel really great about the start of the cold/flu season.

On a related note, The Germiest Places in America - I will never, ever see my laundry the same again!

For Halloween, I found this feature article: Top 10 Scariest Movies. Scary is different for everyone, so I see this list only as a "must see" reference. I've seen 60% of these movies, but "The Shining" only made honorable mention. That movie scared me so much I've never actually seen the movie in its entirety!

For my fellow geeks, I found this one: Google Launches IMAP Support for Email. I'll be checking this new feature out.

Crisis Feared as US Water Supplies Dry Up - This is not news to Nevadans, we've been under drought conditions and water restrictions for several years already! At the bottom of the first page of the article there's a map showing how much water on average each state uses. I'm glad to say Nevada is on the lowest end of the scale, although I realize our lower population relative to other states is part of it.

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