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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Update

Friday, my extra day off, rocked. I got all my errands run, had a fabulous lunch with Bryan at Chili's and picked up Madison in the afternoon. I went to see my tattoo artist to show her how my star is blotchy in a couple of areas... she totally took the blame stating that sometimes when doing a lot of solid coloring, some areas can be missed when you start bleeding. I think some of it was how I healed, too. So I'm going in on Wednesday afternoon to have the touch-up done. I went to Kohl's and managed to spend way too much $$ (I'm dangerous when shopping alone). That afternoon Madison and I made Halloween cupcakes, and I didn't even lick the spoon! It wasn't hard, as I haven't had sugar in so long, I don't even miss it.

Saturday we all went to choose some new window coverings... Madison saw it as a place to torment her parents. A whole lotta strings to pull, blinds to hide behind, etc. She kept the momentum going as we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday, and she and I had to leave the restaurant when she became disruptive. That was my very first time having to do that, and perhaps not my last... Kids are going to be kids, but parents who don't take corrective action with disruptive children really irritate me, so we had a nice stern discussion outside before leaving.

She and I went to the neighborhood park in the afternoon with her bicycle, and there happened to be several other kids there playing, and one young boy started to bother Madison. He was older than her (6 I found out later, and he actually appeared to be delayed somewhat), and I was standing there with her but wanted to see how she'd do on her own. At one point I did step in because he almost knocked her over on her bike, but otherwise she did just fine "Leave me alone, you're bothering me!". I can be overprotective at times but I think it's important she be able to assert herself and fight her own battles.

Today has been another active day! Madison, Amy, Ken and I had lunch at the Aliante Nature Discovery Park and then Madison played for a couple of hours while we adults got a chance to hang out. That is a very beautiful park, and the company was exceptional, as always. :) We'll definitely have to go back, and remember some bread for the ducks and geese.

There are a few more pictures of the cupcake decorating and the Aliante Nature Discovery Park (Thanks to Amy for taking some with my camera!). Hope you've had a fabulous weekend!!


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Sounds like a great 3 day weekend! Maddy is getting so big, I can't believe how much they change at this age. I know what you mean about the sugar thing....you really lose the craving/desire after abstaining for awhile. I don't miss it, but I do miss chips and salsa.

An80sNut said...

I can only wish to have a full weekend like that. Damn! Too cool.

Vegas Princess said...

I want to feed the duckies! Where is this park?