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Friday, September 21, 2007

What's On My iPod + News

It's Friday night, and you know what that means...

Before I list the videos, I wanted to share something I did this week! I got another tattoo. It only took me about 13 years since the first, but I finally got the guts to do it. It's on my left shoulder... perhaps I'll post a picture once it heals (and stops itching like crazy!). It hurt - but I had good company, thus distraction from all that stabbing with a needle going on, which helped a lot!! Anyone wanna take a guess at what it is? Don't worry, I'm fairly certain this is my last one. :)

Pearl Jam - "Black"

Sweet Sensation - "Take It While It's Hot" - I dig this song, but there is wayyyy too much spandex in this video.

John Waite - "Missing You"

Kanye West - "Stronger" - Yeah, this guy is a whiner, and no, I'm not a fan. But this new song? I dig.

Shiny Toy Guns - "You Are the One"


New White Keds said...

You did what!?!?!?
I talke to you and you said nothing. Talk about self reaffirming action. Hmmm, could it be a butterfly? Could it be Madison's name? Can't wait to find out!

Molie said...

Is it a spider? :)

I can't stand Kayne. He just needs to keep his mouth shut when he's not performing. (sometimes I wonder if his outbursts are an act.)
I will give him credit for having a sense of humor though. I thought the skit he and Rainn Wilson did at the Emmy's was pretty funny.

*s* said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see pics of it! It's funny because my next post is going to be about my next tattoo. I have 2, but it's been almost 4 years since my last. I know I want quite a few more, but I take forever to decide what I want. All of mine have a lot of meaning and represent something in my life. Hurry take pics!!! =D

LoraLoo said...

Amy: LOL, self-affirming action. Too true. But I'd planned this for years, just never got around to it. :) You didn't guess it correctly, although the butterfly was one I was seriously considering.

Molie: LMAO on the spider! Kanye does just need to shut up and sing.

S: I didn't know you had tattoos? Have you ever posted pictures? The two I have definitely have meaning but nothing too deep.

Teri said...

I give you a lot of credit, I could never ever get a tattoo. I cannot stand Kanye, so I won't even give his music a chance.

Vegas Princess said...

Hmmmm? A fairy? Since butterfly was my guess and that was wrong. My hubby wants me to get another so he can get another himself. I was considering a butterfly.

ScrapAddictNV said...

I keep bringing up the idea to Ruben that I want at least 1 more, but he totally opposes it. He said the 5 I have are enough (I have a rose on my R shoulder, band of roses on R ankle, a rose on my L ankle, a frog on a lily pad on my L shoulder, and a custom tribal band on my R arm) The frog was kind of a drunken thing - my ex has the same tat on his left arm. The last I got was the tribal, and I got that just days before Ruben and I started dating in 2/99. I'd like to get a heart with wings on the back of my neck with maybe the word Mom in the heart. But he says no, no, no. He doesn't have any, therefore he doesn't understand the desire. So for now I have a scratch I can't itch!