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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cutting TV Out Like a Cancer

I used to spend quite a bit of time after Madison went to bed watching TV. There was always so much to choose from in a new season, and although most of what I watched ended up being canceled (heh), there were plenty of staples I watched all the time. Now that I have this exercise regimen, I have decisions to make. Sure, I could DVR it all and make myself crazy trying to watch it all on a regular basis. Or I could just cut most of the TV out, which is what I'll be doing.

One of the shows I just won't let go is How I Met Your Mother, which premiered tonight. It was legen...wait for it...dary! If you watched it, did you get the impression we might just meet Ted's future wife this season? Season 2 comes out on DVD October 2, and I'm feeling the need to go back and watch the first two seasons again.

If you absolutely had to make a decision to keep only three TV shows, which ones would they be?


Ganns said...

For the fall season, I wouldn't give up HIMYM and Heroes. I'm leaning towards either Chuck or Cavemen for the third.

Otto said...

Were it not for my love of DVR, I'd probably be more inclined to get rid of cable. I don't watch much outside of network TV anymore, if you can believe that.

The reason it's harder to yank cable, I've decided, is because I'm so used to having it that it provides a false sense of security, if that makes any sense.

You know you can turn it on anytime and it's there. In that sense, it's reliable. But in all honesty, how much of it do I watch? Intently? Not that much.

I used to think it would be tough to live without a landline telephone. That was a breeze.

Once football season is over, cable's days may be numbered. Hell, it may come sooner than that.

Cable, you are on the clock!

LoraLoo said...

Ganns - Is Cavemen really that good? I saw previews and I just don't get it.

Otto: I can completely relate. I don't watch much outside of network TV, either - but might feel like I lost a limb without my DVR. But can't you TIVO without cable? Hmmm.

Ken said...

We watched HIMYM, and I thought I read somewhere that this season sets us up to meet Ted's wife. I'm not sure if we actually do meet her, but the foreshadowing was definitely there. My favorite part of the episode was Countdown to Barney's next slap. Hil - wait for it - arious.

Do sporting events count as the three shows to keep? I'm assuming no. It would be HIMYM, Weeds and (don't laugh) Desperate Housewives

Nik said...

Ooh, good question. I don't watch too much tv as it is, but I couldn't give up Grey's Anatomy, ER, or HIMYM. Now if sports can be included as one show, then it throws the whole list off, cuz that'd have to be 1st.

I hope you don't have too much of a tough time deciding which shows to cut.

Vegas Princess said...

I read that we meet Ted's wife somewhere around episode five or six I believe in this season. But what a cool way to introduce her through her yellow umbrella walking down the street. And the slap bet...so cool! Although why Marshall would warn him when the next one is coming is beyond me. The whole idea is that he shouldn't expect them.

I thought it was a great premiere episode! Really funny! Can't wait for more.

My three shows would probably be HIMYM, Grey's Anatomy and CSI.

Molie said...

Only three shows huh. Ok I would choose Heroes, The Office and Mythbusters.

HIMYM was very funny last night, I also caught that Big Bang Theory show after. It was pretty spotty. The guys came across more gay than geek.

BeckEye said...

My Name is Earl, The Office, CSI.