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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top Ten Reasons I Heart Fall

1. NFL!!
2. The balmy desert weather - perfect for being outdoors, or letting the outdoors inside.
3. Driving with the windows down
4. Halloween - and all those cute little kids in costumes
5. All those paid holidays on the way
6. Fall TV (or what's left of it for me, heh)
7. The smell in the air - it's really hard to explain, but if you know it, you understand. :)
8. Did I mention NFL?
9. Thanksgiving. Even if it is at my house this year. Heh. But hey - food and football, what else is there?
10. My cat stops shedding so much! That 14 lb. furball sheds like he's the size of a lion during the spring and summer.


Vegas Princess said...

1. NFL means less work on Sundays for me!
2.The balmy desert weather - no more sweating!
3. Driving with the windows down - so much better than AC
4. Halloween - dress up and drinking, what's more to love?
5. Don't get number five myself since my job never takes time off but I do get a comp day for Thanksgiving.
6. Fall TV - 18 hours and counting!
7. The smell in the air - it's that crisp smell, more prominant in the morning.
8. uhhh...go Patriots?
9. Thanksgiving - the one holiday I never worry about what I eat.
10. I'll have to check on this since mine seem to shed all year round.

and 11....MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Nik said...

This is such a great list. I never really put much thought into why I like fall. This might sound like an ignorant thought, but I wonder if the smell you're talking about is the same smell I'm thinking of. Is the Nevada Autumn smell the same as the Michigan Autumn smell?

Fortunately, we're still at the beginning of fall, so it's not too cold to have the windows open at night yet. That's one of the things I love about fall.

Otto said...

My list:
1. College Football!
2. The changing colors (Midwest falls are great for that)
3. All-wardrobe weather.
4. Halloween...and all those cute slutty girls at the bars! :-p
5. Fall TV.
7. I understand the smell of the air.
8. Go Colts!
9. Thanksgiving with the family.
10. Did I mention College Football? :-)

Teri said...

I love fall as well, it is my favorite season. With the exception of the start of football season, I totally agree with your list :)

LoraLoo said...

I forgot #11 - LESS Spiders! LOL

VP: The dress up and drinking, those were the days!

Nik: I'm sure the smell is different yet very the same, only in that our surroundings are so different (green vs. no green), but there's just that difference in the air - the crisp smell as Vegas Princess pointed out.

Otto: I can honestly say I've never experienced the changing of colors, and it's on my to-do list, as I'm sure it's beautiful.

LoraLoo said...

Teri: I know you are such the NFL fan, LOL.

BeckEye said...

NFL is a bit too vague. STEELER FOOTBALL, baby!!