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Saturday, August 04, 2007

What's In My Head

  • My house is clean! You know how much I hate cleaning house, but how fabulous I feel when it's done.
  • I'm 3/4 done with the Harry Potter book. I really want to talk about it, but I don't want to give anything away. I know how much that would piss me off.
  • I spent the day working in Caliente yesterday. This is not one of my primary work sites, but I was helping out coworker S. I was reminded yesterday why I'm so glad it's not a place I have to visit regularly (it used to be my responsibility). It's not that it's all that bad a place - it's just so damn far from Vegas (168 miles one way) and they're a very needy bunch of users. It doesn't help that the site is as old as dirt and is struck by lightning on an unnaturally high basis.
  • I still need to do grocery shopping and I'm just not in the mood. Honestly, I'm not in the mood to do much of anything else productive today... I'd much rather be somewhere else!
  • My appetite as of late is disappearing. I go long periods without needing food and when I eat, I'm not eating much. I'm not concerned, but it's been pretty noticeable in the last 3 or 4 weeks. Don't worry, I'm not living on a blade of lettuce...LOL I'm still getting plenty of nutrition.
  • I have training next week, Monday through Wednesday. Honestly I'm not looking forward to it. The subject matter is going to be interesting - for you geeks, it's advanced group policy training - but I am just not in the mood to sit in a classroom. There are other things I'd rather be doing right now, back at the office.
  • Maddy's with the in-laws today visiting with a cousin she doesn't get to see much. I'm thinking of things we can do when she comes home in a little bit. Maybe some painting in the backyard? Maybe pull the Play-doh out? Play dress-up? Tomorrow morning we'll be heading to the park like we've been doing most Sunday mornings.

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!


Vegas Princess said...

What to come over and clean my house? I can't seem to get motivated to do it myself. Perhaps while I am gone next week my husband will take a page from me when I cleaned the house while he was on vacation. One can dream.

I can't wait to talk about Harry Potter with you!!

Molie said...

"is struck by lightning on an unnaturally high basis." --This cracked me up.

Last time I had a loss of appetite for an extended period of time I thought I had stomach bug turned out the "bug" lasted nine months.

Seriously though, the loss of appetite maybe due to your increased phyical activity, the time-frame seems similar.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I actually like cleaning house but I hate cooking. Caliente is the name of a beer isn't it? I hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your Saturday and Sunday!

An80sNut said...

No doubt, you'll finish the book. It's hard to say what when is the right time to throw out spoilers and discuss the book as some people are taking their time reading it. Might have to password lock it or something.