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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's In My Head

Someone I had a terrible crush on in the 8th grade has been elected as a municipal judge here in Las Vegas. In "terrible", I mean I had a crush and he had no idea I existed. The election was what, around two weeks ago - and I'm still seeing his campaign signs here and there. Every time I see these signs I am remembering my most awkward year in school - so he really needs to get those signs down. LOL

I'm really done with my kitchen remodel... They're coming first thing tomorrow morning to install my counter tops - Yay!! By the time this is all done, I may not have any vacation left. I have to meet with flooring people next week to look at areas needing attention after the tile install (mind you they're simply inspecting, NOT repairing that day - that will be more time off). I also need to schedule a repair for the dishwasher we've not even used yet. Thankfully Karl and I are doing the painting ourselves, no need to take more time off.

Mind you, I get four weeks of vacation every year (and I have never used it all, so I'm usually maxed out on leave). I'm being a drama queen. It just feels like I'm never here lately, but I'm not out having fun. :)

We've asked for a position reclassification at work, and it's weighing heavily on me this week. Last year they did a overhaul on the IT department, and after a position study we don't agree with outcome. So we've asked for a review, and next week is a desk audit. It's our day in court, if you will. This has been a long, drawn out government red-tape process, and it all comes down to a one-hour interview next week.

American Idol's country music night was not all that great... but it's probably because I really dislike country music so much. Jordin Sparks was clearly the best singer last night, but I have to say, Blake is still my favorite.

I wish you a fabulous day!


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

well you have a few things going on, girlfriend! Yay about the kitchen. I HOPE the position reclass. goes well. Keep us posted. What if it doesn't go well? How will you feel, what will you do?

An80sNut said...

I wasn't able to figure out if Melinda's "Trouble Is A Woman" or Jordin's "Broken Wing" were the best last week. I did get a chill watching Jordin but Melinda made a rarely played song very memorable. Julie Reeves owes Melinda some cash.

An80sNut said...

And I don't think that I could drive around and see people that I had a crush on, on billboards and signs. Sounds like a nightmare... everywhere around you are signs and posters of old crushes. I'm just hoping that none of mine run for office.

Vegas Princess said...

Ooooo I am going to have to drive around and try to figure out who it is!