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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OMG - American Idol

Sane people out there are actually voting for their American Idol. Sunjaya (or is it Sanjaya? I guess I don't really care) is FINALLY going home. Thank goodness, I get to watch another season.


New White Keds said...

While few are happier to have AI back to sanity than I am, Ken had to laugh at me last night when I actually felt bad for the kid. He was crying and all of a sudden it dawned on me that this is a 17 year old! He has shown huge fortitude and guts throughout this whole thing. I actually felt a little bad for him -- not sad to see him go, but bad for him as a human being.

Ken said...

Yes. You knew when Sanjaya fell, he was going to fall hard. I think Chris should have been in the bottom three other than Blake, but Blake wasn't that good this week either (as much as I like him).

BeckEye said...

Do I have everyone spelling his name wrong? ;)

I have to admit to feeling slightly bad for him too. But I'm happy for my ears.

Teri said...

I am thrilled he is gone. I wouldn't even watch him perform. I didn't feel bad at all, I actually couldn't believe that he was crying. He knew he was so far out of his league and he was playing along with the joke.

Meow said...

We haven't seen the current American Idol yet ... I'm sure it will screen later this year (after we find out the winner !!). We also get Australian Idol, which I totally love. There are so many talented (and so many UN talented) people in this world.
Take care, Meow